Quotes for Later

A hand-picked compendium of various quotations, lyrics, excerpts, and sayings for your viewing pleasure.

"Quero ser seu cafetão, e ela já tem.
Quero dar jóia de prata, e ela já tem.
Procurei um robe preto mas ela já tem,
Mas eu sei que é o meu amor que ela não tem."

—  Rosa - Banda Uó

"Take your time coming home.
Hear the wheels as they roll.
Let your lungs fill up with smoke.
Forgive everyone."

—  Take Your Time - fun.

"Beau ciel, vrai ciel, regarde-moi qui change !
Après tant d’orgueil, après tant d’étrange
Oisiveté, mais pleine de pouvoir,
Je m’abandonne à ce brillant espace,
Sur les maisons des morts mon ombre passe
Qui m’apprivoise à son frêle mouvoir."

—  Le Cimetière marin - Paul Valéry


—  年轻人能为世界做什么 - 刘媛媛

"That’s what I want
That’s what I need
That’s where I’m going
That’s who I wanna be
All of my love was wasted on you
That’s how it happens
That’s what I wanna do"

—  Where I’m Going - Sir Sly

"Think I’ll up and move to Canada.
Think I’ll begin my story there,
And if the Prime Minister says he’s had enough,
I’ll go back to St. Johnsbury to breathe the air.
That’s where I met a girl called Josaphine.
They call her ‘Josaphine the Fair’.
She had ‘Manch Vegas’ written across her back.
She just cut off all her hair.
We shared a blanket by the tracks in Lebanon, New Hampshire.
I could not sleep a better dream,
But I never felt so awake and alive
‘Til I noticed my jacket was gone, and so was Josaphine"

—  Josaphine - Dispatch

"Detonate me
Shoot me like a cannon ball
Granulate me
Kill me like an animal
Decapitate me
Hit me like a baseball
Emancipate me
Free the animal, free the animal"

—  Free The Animal - Sia

"Don’t try to make me feel bad.
Oh yeah, that might’ve worked before,
but I’m not falling for your act.
No, I don’t need none of that.
I’m just looking for the door."

—  Don’t Tell Me What To Do - Air Traffic Controller

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